Why should you opt for a modern visitor management system for your office?

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Today, welcoming guests into your lobby is only the beginning of effective visitor management. It also needs to include procedures for keeping the workplace safe and secure. Long wait times and confusion are eliminated, business laws and regulations are followed, and personnel are assisted in conducting productive encounters with clients.

Unfortunately, visitor management is a challenge for many firms. Lack of effective, repeatable procedures and sufficient workplace technology can have a negative impact on the working environment and potentially pose security threats.

What could go wrong in visitor management?

Consider that a visitor is waiting in your lobby to meet with you. As she approaches the front desk, the receptionist requests that she use a tablet-based digital programme to sign in. She enters her name and email address and presses the key. She is asked to say her name aloud so that the receptionist can write it on a temporary visiting badge.

The receptionist then calls the worker she is going to see, but her call is put on hold. The guest waits for at least 10 minutes while reading a magazine, and when the employee she is visiting finally enters the lobby, there is some misunderstanding as they search the area for the visitor. They eventually meet and shake hands, but the receptionist recalls the NDA agreement as they pass the front desk. She stops to fill out the form, delaying the meeting you invited her to.

This is an instance where a manual visitor control procedure may be used, and it can be quite frustrating for everyone concerned.

Four warning signals that visitor management is failing

Although many companies have evolved past manual check-in procedures and are now automating front desk check-in with office technology, many visitor management systems continue to offer inadequate solutions that fall short of giving both employees and guests a seamless workplace experience. Here are four telltale symptoms that your visitor management system isn’t giving guests and staff the high-quality, seamless working experience it should:

1. Guests are kept waiting for long

Visitors are frequently left waiting for a long time in the lobby while their business contacts arrive to find them. This has a detrimental effect on the customer’s interaction with the business and may even harm its reputation. If the visitor in our previous example were a potential employee, she might use this encounter to generate a negative opinion of the business before her interview even starts. Employees may be left wondering where their visitors are or making repeated calls to the receptionist to check on their status as a result of front desk staff miscommunication. Schedules are thrown off, and time is lost as a result.

The solution: A current visitor management system aids in removing any errors and misunderstandings. The visitor uploads their details into an easy-to-use app before arriving, which uses various channels to alert the staff that the visitor is waiting while also instantly printing a visitor badge. The checkout process is very quick and easy, and it gives a complete list of every visitor.

2. People are moving around without proper identification.

Your front desk staff is your first line of defence in terms of office security. But what if a visitor shows up when the receptionist is busy bringing a delivery back to the storage room? Visitors are free to roam the office without a badge in pursuit of the persons they are visiting. Unidentified individuals loitering outside the office pose a security risk and probably break corporate rules.

The solution: If the receptionist is not present, a strong visitor management system offers self-service sign-in and notifies hosts. More crucially, it generates an electronic log that is saved in the cloud, making it possible to permanently and accurately record the visit for compliance and security reasons.

3. Absence of forms

Any business that wants to succeed must prioritise compliance, but getting customers to fill out the right paperwork can be tricky. Receptionists may be too preoccupied to ask visitors to fill out NDAs or other important disclosures since they are busy checking in numerous guests or taking deliveries. These are often paper-based, which makes it easy for them to be lost or damaged.

The solution: You can customise check-in such that visitors are required to provide particular information, respond to questions, and sign any required forms by using an advanced visitor management system. Since everything is digital, there are no paper forms taking up space on the front desk or being at risk of being lost or destroyed. Since everything is done electronically and kept in the cloud, a trustworthy, error-free digital paper trail that satisfies compliance audit standards is produced.

4. Everyone has access to the wifi without restrictions

Intellectual property and commercial secrets may be jeopardised if unauthorised users access your guest network. However, it’s frequently necessary to grant visitors access to Wi-Fi. The receptionist can certainly provide you login information, but doing so puts your network security at danger. In the event of a workplace security incident, it is impossible to determine who was using the network at any particular time. Some businesses offer temporary credentials issued by IT employees, however this requires visitors to locate an IT representative for assistance, wasting valuable time away from the intended purpose of the visit.

The remedy Wi-Fi network access control (NAC) software is seamlessly integrated with advanced visitor management systems. When guests check-in, the NAC software can automatically create a special Wi-Fi code and text or email it to them. Companies can save time by expediting this procedure for all parties involved, including the front desk employees, IT professionals, and most importantly, the guest. What’s best? You prevent the possibility of anyone sharing permanent guest credentials with others after they leave the facility and have a complete, trustworthy, and permanent record of who used the Wi-Fi and when.

First impressions count, and they’re essential to making the workplace enjoyable for everyone.

Let’s return to that crucial first impression at this point. A reliable guest management system that streamlines the check-in process, makes it simple to complete forms and connect to the internet and empowers front desk staff to be hospitable and engaging. This makes for a fantastic first impression. Visitors can tell right away that your business values their visit prioritises security, and is committed to improving workplace experiences through the use of cutting-edge technology.

What makes Neoffice Visitor Management System special?

At Neoffice, we believe that a visitor management system should be more than just a way to keep track of who’s coming and going. It should enhance the experience of everyone who walks through your door by welcoming visitors, capturing identification and credentials, tracking appointments and scanning badges with our single entry point solution.

We know that you want to make sure your facility is safe while still being able to provide an exceptional experience — and that’s why our visitor management system uses the latest technology to improve efficiency and security.

With our visitor management system, there’s no reason not to create delightful experiences for all your visitors!

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