Ways to Increase Your Meeting Room Utilisation

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Meeting Room utilisation


The most important business choices are made in conference rooms, which serve as the primary hubs of communication, creativity, and collaboration in every corporate working environment. In order to help participants become engaged and promote cooperation, the meeting space must be configured properly with the flexibility to transmit visuals or information from various devices.

Investment in modern meeting spaces for firms of all sizes must be predicated on boosting productivity, creativity, and that crucial component of bettering collaboration. If multiple people can exchange content at once as opposed to just one person, this idea becomes much more potent. Additionally, being able to use a laptop, smartphone, or tablet in a conference room setup will increase rather than decrease productivity as businesses adopt BYOD and encourage employees to bring their own personal devices to meetings. According to a Tech Pro Research report, 74% of organisations either now employ BYOD or plan to in the future.

We have compiled a list of common best practices that should assist businesses in conducting the most productive business meetings. No more finger drumming or diversion from shady relationships and technology? You can now make the most of every meeting minute.


The advantages of BYOD and what it can do for the meeting room are now being recognised by more enterprises. They are perfect for a variety of meeting room scenarios, including training sessions, sales presentations, and strategic planning, thanks to the sharing of content stored across devices. Since many of these laptops, cellphones, and tablets are frequently more technologically advanced than organization-provided technology, businesses should embrace employee personal devices. This technological capability can be used to greatly increase the effectiveness of meetings


The conference room technology must be able to accommodate a variety of devices and their related operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, and others while exchanging information, visuals, and presentations. It’s crucial to just enable it, regardless of the device users want to use or the sharing protocol they choose. sharing using iOS or Android applications, airplay, or even Google Cast.


It’s important to make the most of each minute in meetings and avoid spending it on pointless breaks or technical difficulties. The optimal solution is completely unrelated to the complicated network of wires, adapters, and connectors to which we have grown accustomed. With the use of Wi-Fi, USB, or Bluetooth, new meeting room technology can provide connections that are seamless and simple without the need for software downloads or setup adjustments.


Sharing information and expressing opinions are the main goals of meetings. Each participant must have the technological ability to communicate their knowledge, facts, or pictures concurrently on a screen in order to promote improved collaboration and engagement. Being able to contribute to a meeting at the same time as everyone else, on the same screen, is essential to enhancing collaboration since various attendees may want to make a variety of different contributions.

Stay Safe

Dispel any security issues by adding “external” devices to a business network. IT may have trouble adding foreign devices to the corporate network, whether clients or even employees in another location want to connect to the technology in your conference room. However, security worries will be eliminated if your meeting room equipment has its own Wi-Fi capabilities to allow people to connect with it directly, without really being on the organisation’s network, paving the way for a more productive meeting.

Meeting rooms booking app — What is it?

Different contemporary IT firms provide comprehensive solutions for electronic room booking in order to improve meeting room efficiency and workload distribution.

They are a collection of hardware and software solutions created specifically to meet the requirements of the customer and integrated into the IT infrastructure of the company. These conference room systems produce a virtual map.

What Are the Benefits of a Meeting Room Booking App for Businesses

An essential method for ensuring the most effective use of corporate space is a room reservation system. You can estimate when a specific room will be available and reserve it for presentations, negotiations, and meetings with only one click thanks to an electronic control system that distributes the workload across the business centres’ facilities.

Take less time scheduling meetings

Need a meeting space immediately? You no longer need to dash down the hallways and rap on every door in quest of a vacant space thanks to the reservation system. With the help of the ad hoc booking tool, you can quickly reserve a spot. Additionally, you can use the app or web panel to reserve the meeting space for yourself right from your place of employment.

Avoid booking meeting spaces twice.

All employees now have a great tool for analysing and choosing how to distribute negotiation events as a consequence of the introduction of booking technology. The implementation of meeting room reservation systems removes scheduling ambiguity, multiple bookings, and interrupted conferences. The entire reservation process is made clear. You can always check to see who reserved the space, when, and for what occasion.

Utilize space more effectively.

High efficiency of employing an office or business centre space is attained with an automated booking system, reaching 90% or more. This indicates that the areas are occupied and do not amass lines of individuals waiting to meet or conduct discussions there.

How do you begin utilising the meeting room booking app?

Along with advances in work technologies, the business culture must also be changed to a new paradigm. In a business that has shifted to a hybrid office structure, there is no distinction between individuals who choose to work in an office setting and those who prefer to work remotely. The following measures should be taken into consideration before using the meeting room reservation software: integrating the app calendar, making the policies explicit, connecting the app to a mobile device, and displaying the schedule on multiple screens.

Connect the app to your current calendar application.

Thanks to the assistance of the calendar tool, one of the most useful features of booking systems is the integration of employees’ emails and corporate timetables. This enables you to book a room by simply including the associated mailbox on the mailing list for event attendees and scheduling the booking around the workday.

Make your meeting room reservation guidelines explicit.

There will be no more disputes with coworkers about access to rooms or uncomfortable start times. Booking a room involves informing all participants beforehand, and the availability of a browser-based schedule view reduces confusion and delays thanks to the booking system’s transparency.

Connect your mobile device to the meeting room app.

The primary cause of current programming deprivation is comfort exploitation. On the touchpad itself, online from a work computer, or via a smartphone, you can reserve meeting space for a specified time and duration. The ultimate perk for individuals who work from home is the meeting rooms app.

Project the meeting room schedule across a number of displays.

Other trends include the installation of touch panels and other screens. These tools raise the quality of and maximise teamwork. Content can be uploaded from any device. Collaboration for geographically dispersed teams (important in a pandemic) is one of the key benefits of such solutions; all you need is a touch screen or even a laptop screen.

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