Top 5 Checklist to maximize office space utilization using Room Booking App

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3 min readMay 10, 2022


In-office meetings for smooth collaboration

Hybrid meetings, in which a few employees are physically present in workplaces but others attend digitally from home or other locations, are not as effective as in-person meetings.

As a result, identifying and booking conference rooms — whether at your company office or a rented co-working space — is crucial. However, finding and blocking conference rooms on a specified day for a specific time can be difficult.

Facility managers must plan a conference room with the whole number of attendees in mind, reserve any facilities such as projectors, sanitizers, markers, whiteboards, advise participants of the meeting time and safety measures taken, and so on. They may accomplish all of this and more by utilising a conference room booking system.

Schedule your unique events with ease, whatever they may be at your own pace & time with SMART hybrid automation software like NeOffice.

Let us take you through the ultimate checklist that you require to make the most out of your office space using a meeting room booking app.

1. A Utility App that measures Data:

Data on office space usage serves as a wake-up call for facility managers, letting them know whether they are squandering office space, investing in the incorrect type of workstations, or approaching capacity saturation. Having an app like NeOffice, which helps you with that is definitely a blessing in disguise. The right room booking app will monitor office traffic or meeting density during the week to identify times of day when colleagues are finding it difficult to locate a meeting room, as well as when resources are abundant. One can also book the right space depending of the number of attendees involved and even plan recurring meetings.

Meeting room booking display

2. Conference Room Displays

By clearly displaying the type of meeting and the people involved, employees can be proactive and resourceful in finding an appropriate meeting room on short notice. Furthermore, because of this insight, there will be less probability for employees to annex a meeting room without booking or linger in them for longer than scheduled.

3. Offer Flexibility:

Meetings are subject to change at all times. Some people plan meetings several weeks in advance and reserve meeting spaces with it. Others prefer to meet on the spur of the moment. Digital touch displays contribute to this flexibility by allowing for both sorts of work styles and ensuring that conference rooms are used by a larger percentage of the workforce.

4. Auto-release in case of no-shows:

One of the primary reasons conference rooms go unutilized is that people erroneously believe they are reserved. However, meeting arrangements might change fast, and meeting room booking data are frequently not updated. You can set digital touch screens to free up rooms after a given length of time. As a result, if rooms are released when no one checks in within 15 minutes, those looking for accommodations can reserve them.

5. Ease of Use:

Who will bother utilising your meeting room booking app if it is cumbersome or complicated? Booking convenience alone is insufficient. Everything should be simple for your employees to accomplish — be it opting for additional services like refreshments or tech or sanitization — all integrated through the app. Process simplification and putting employees first boost employee satisfaction.

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