How Space Management Tools are a boon in making Hybrid work for organizations

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4 min readJun 7, 2022
Space management tool for workplaces

Space management is intertwined with a plethora of critical business KPIs. It’s a method of providing employees with the workspaces and amenities they require while also controlling overhead costs and the income potential of operations. With so many crucial outcomes linked to how a firm manages its space, it’s even more critical to understand the longer — term impact of workspace management software.

When used properly, space management software helps businesses to maximise the use of their square footage while conforming to the most productive solution for employees. It provides the opportunity for improved planning, management, cost control, and regulation.

Tool in forecast and monitoring:

The advantages of space management software are as numerous as the possibilities for utilising space. At a basic level, this software assists businesses in identifying and comprehending space. This allows for use and optimization, followed by tracking and monitoring. Companies that plan for expansion or forecast for need must do so with a thorough awareness of their limits and prospects. When predicting and planning, a clear picture of space and usage provides a clear horizon.

It’s tough to regulate space if you don’t understand it. How much do you have? What is its present usage? How many employees are you bringing back from remote working? Space management software contextualises these issues in order to provide clear data on workplace space allocation, utilisation, and purpose. Seating plans can be determined using a cloud-based space management programme based on the amount of employees visiting the office. This leads to improved space usage. Fundamentally, this will improve your organization’s ability to implement the hybrid work system.

Metrics Reporting & Usage data :

You can properly manage office resources and even assign them to dedicated personnel by using space management software. This can assist you in implementing a successful hybrid strategy by making critical resources and equipment available to all. You can observe how employees are using or not using the given places. Also, be aware of the tools and equipment essential for successful collaboration.

Space management software is both quick and precise. It can compute your occupancy data for shared spaces and check-ins in order to provide you with real-time insights. In addition, you will receive audited occupancy ratio reports. This type of detailed reporting might assist you in reconfiguring the workspace to meet the appropriate capacity limit while keeping employees content.

Improves employee accessibility and saves time:

Today, with the help of space management tool, employees can reserve desks, meeting rooms, manage visitors all within a couple of clicks. They will have real-time insight into what spaces are available for what time with the help of dynamic floorplans. For example, if meeting space is required at the last minute, users from a remote location may find out what’s available, organise the meeting, invite attendees, and reserve meeting equipment while ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Manually overseeing the space inventory, whether large or little, can become arduous for facility managers. Mundane tasks like employee scheduling, shift management, allocation of resources can all be automated under a single source with the right workspace management software.

Reduce Costs on Real estate:

Space management software also assists in lowering the costs linked with extra space, allowing you to find more lucrative functionalities for the under-utilised or often neglected spaces and reimagine it to suit your business needs. By understanding cost per square footage & ROI on space utilization, organizations will be able to make insightful decisions and effectively manage their real-estate portfolio. Instead of standard cubicles, hoteling or desk sharing is being considered. And rethinking how employees use this area may be the only way ahead. As a result, space management software is required. Managers are also looking into such solutions to save money, improve employee experience, and as a permanent alternative for pandemic-like situations.


As hybrid workspaces become more prevalent and indelible, there will be a constant need to hunt for a productive facility management software More importantly, the advantages of space management software are linked to critical components of an organization’s expenses, efficiency, and workplace productivity. At NeOffice, we have spearheaded a workspace management solution that effectively combats all the operational challenges you come across in flexible working. Facility managers can use our space planning tools to view, optimise, and organize workplaces that meet employee demands. Get in touch with us at to schedule a free demo.



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